Monday, January 30, 2012

Training Log 1/23 - 01/29/2012 - Stupid Flat!!

Good week of training! . It feels good to slowly but surely get over this nasty cough that I had, it made it really rough to breath especially in the pool. Trying to keep at zone two for my run/bike rides, I have been noticing the quick recovery time due to staying at zone 2. My wo’s this week pretty much stayed on schedule without much of an issue, except for my Sunday bike ride.


My weeks totals where:


Bike:      2:08:38  35.65 miles

Run:       2:47:23  17.52 miles

Swim:   0:40:00  .27 miles

Str:         0:30:00


T:            6:06:02  53.44 miles


My Alarm went off Sunday at 4:30 am, I got up super early so I can get the car loaded up and head out to Del Mar. I wanted to ride up the coast for two hours, I figured since it was going to be in the 70’s during the day the morning shouldn’t be too cold. I planned on getting out there by 5:30 and going for a 2 hour ride and getting back as the kids where getting up. My wife has to deal with these bratty kids so I don’t like for her to be all alone during the weekend mornings. I left the house around 5:10 and made it about 5 miles before I remembered that I forgot my head light, so I headed home and picked it up. This already set me back around 20 min, so in my mind my ride just went from 2 hours to 1hr and 40 minutes. Not a big adjustment so I felt ok with it. When I got up near the 101 there wasn’t a car or cyclist in site, this is a cycling haven so in about an hour or two it’s going to be packed. I unloaded the car and geared up, I know it’s only in the 50’s but that’s COLD for me..haha. At about 5-7 miles into my ride I heard my tire making an odd sound, this is right before I’m heading down a decent.  I decided to pull over and check the tire, sure enough its flat. UGGHH I just happened to hit a pretty dark patch of the ride, I did have my helmet light but it was pretty dark still. For some reason even though I was wearing gloves my hands were freaking COLD…It took me around 30 minutes to change the tire, which is ridiculous in its self. So back on the road, I ended up riding a few more miles and stopping at Solana beach took a picture and headed back to the car. I wanted a 2 hr ride but ended up with 45 minutes of actually riding.



Stupid Flat in the pitch





Pic from Solana beach..I was all nice


Take care



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