Monday, January 30, 2012

Training Log 1/23 - 01/29/2012 - Stupid Flat!!

Good week of training! . It feels good to slowly but surely get over this nasty cough that I had, it made it really rough to breath especially in the pool. Trying to keep at zone two for my run/bike rides, I have been noticing the quick recovery time due to staying at zone 2. My wo’s this week pretty much stayed on schedule without much of an issue, except for my Sunday bike ride.


My weeks totals where:


Bike:      2:08:38  35.65 miles

Run:       2:47:23  17.52 miles

Swim:   0:40:00  .27 miles

Str:         0:30:00


T:            6:06:02  53.44 miles


My Alarm went off Sunday at 4:30 am, I got up super early so I can get the car loaded up and head out to Del Mar. I wanted to ride up the coast for two hours, I figured since it was going to be in the 70’s during the day the morning shouldn’t be too cold. I planned on getting out there by 5:30 and going for a 2 hour ride and getting back as the kids where getting up. My wife has to deal with these bratty kids so I don’t like for her to be all alone during the weekend mornings. I left the house around 5:10 and made it about 5 miles before I remembered that I forgot my head light, so I headed home and picked it up. This already set me back around 20 min, so in my mind my ride just went from 2 hours to 1hr and 40 minutes. Not a big adjustment so I felt ok with it. When I got up near the 101 there wasn’t a car or cyclist in site, this is a cycling haven so in about an hour or two it’s going to be packed. I unloaded the car and geared up, I know it’s only in the 50’s but that’s COLD for me..haha. At about 5-7 miles into my ride I heard my tire making an odd sound, this is right before I’m heading down a decent.  I decided to pull over and check the tire, sure enough its flat. UGGHH I just happened to hit a pretty dark patch of the ride, I did have my helmet light but it was pretty dark still. For some reason even though I was wearing gloves my hands were freaking COLD…It took me around 30 minutes to change the tire, which is ridiculous in its self. So back on the road, I ended up riding a few more miles and stopping at Solana beach took a picture and headed back to the car. I wanted a 2 hr ride but ended up with 45 minutes of actually riding.



Stupid Flat in the pitch





Pic from Solana beach..I was all nice


Take care



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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Training Log 01/16 - 01/22/2012

Twitter Even though I showered I still reek of chlorineugghh

Man what a week!! I got my new trainer a cyclops2 fluid trainer, a Christmas gift to myself.  I was pretty motivated to jump on that. It’s going to take some getting used to when managing the time that I can ride the trainer. Normally I get all my WOs in during the early mornings and at lunch time, with my training on the bike trainer I am going to have to add a few nights to the weekly routines. This is going to be difficult since my nights are pretty fool with home work, dealing with two kids and handling all the nightly chores my wife things I need to do..ha I did manage to get on the trainer once this week, but my hopes is to be able to get on the trainer at least twice a week followed up by a Sunday ride .

Swimming!! How much do I hate you!! I planned 3 swims this week but due to a chest cold that I was battling I was only able to get in one session. I am not too worried about it, I find that I have been approving every time I get in the pool. My breathing is my biggest issue with my swim, I am guessing that is like most people struggling with the swim.  I just need to keep my cool and keep my form tight, I tend to freak myself out so I gasp for breath rather than following a smooth process. WORK IN PROGRESS.My spring sprint isn’t until May so I have time to get decent at the swim.

My totals for the week

·       RUN     16.63 Miles , 2:42:43

·       SWIM    219 Yards, 20m

·       BIKE    17.19 Miles, 1:00:02

·       Strength 1:00

    Total Time 5hrs 02min 45seconds

    Miles: 33.94miles

    Picture (Device Independent Bitmap)

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Monday, January 23, 2012

2012 Rock N Roll Marathon 26.2

It’s that time of year again...Raised over $400 last year. I hope to reach a goal of over $500 this year...thank you

I am running in the 2012 Rock N Roll Marathon in San Diego to raise money for Girls on the Run San Diego. Girls on the Run is a nationwide program that encourages pre-teen girls to develop self-respect and healthy lifestyles through running.

The Girls on the Run® mission is to educate and prepare girls for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living. The Girls on the Run objective is to reduce the potential display of at-risk activities among its participants. The goal is fewer adolescent pregnancies and eating disorders, less depression and suicide attempts, as well as fewer substance/alcohol abuse problems and confrontations with the juvenile justice system.





Thank you


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Registered for my first Triathlon

Over the past 2 years I completed my first Marathon at the Rock “N” Roll 26.2 and completed my first century bike ride with the tour de Tucson. I have a passion for both sports but the one passion doesn’t dominate the other. With that in mine I decided why not add in swimming to the mix and become a Tri-athlete. I officially registered for the 2012 Spring Sprint in San Diego. This will be my first Tri and I hope I do well enough to maybe register for an Olympic later in the year. I also have the 26.2 Rock “N” Roll marathon sprinkled in to the mix.

My biggest concern is that fact that I CANT SWIM!!! When I first started to contemplate if a triathlon was right for me I headed to the pool very confident that I could swim decent enough due to my high level of fitness. Well, that was NOT the case I swam about 100m and got out of the pool and told the guy getting into his lane..This is HARD!  I knew then that picking up swimming is going to be harder then I originally thought. The sprint is only ¼ mile so I am pretty confident that I can transform myself into a somewhat decent enough swimmer to be able to hold my own in a ¼ swim.

Please follow me in my journey to my first Tri. I will be sharing nutritional tips as well as training tips that I have learned from my past events. I am looking forward to watching my progress with swim as well as learning as much as I can about what to expect in transition.

Thank you,


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