Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Registered for my first Triathlon

Over the past 2 years I completed my first Marathon at the Rock “N” Roll 26.2 and completed my first century bike ride with the tour de Tucson. I have a passion for both sports but the one passion doesn’t dominate the other. With that in mine I decided why not add in swimming to the mix and become a Tri-athlete. I officially registered for the 2012 Spring Sprint in San Diego. This will be my first Tri and I hope I do well enough to maybe register for an Olympic later in the year. I also have the 26.2 Rock “N” Roll marathon sprinkled in to the mix.

My biggest concern is that fact that I CANT SWIM!!! When I first started to contemplate if a triathlon was right for me I headed to the pool very confident that I could swim decent enough due to my high level of fitness. Well, that was NOT the case I swam about 100m and got out of the pool and told the guy getting into his lane..This is HARD!  I knew then that picking up swimming is going to be harder then I originally thought. The sprint is only ¼ mile so I am pretty confident that I can transform myself into a somewhat decent enough swimmer to be able to hold my own in a ¼ swim.

Please follow me in my journey to my first Tri. I will be sharing nutritional tips as well as training tips that I have learned from my past events. I am looking forward to watching my progress with swim as well as learning as much as I can about what to expect in transition.

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  1. Swimming is super hard and if u stop swimming every week its brutal to get back into it. It takes forever to build a descent swim.