Monday, February 25, 2013

Week of 02.17.13 to 02.23.13 – Moving Week!!!!

Running – 10.20 miles (1hrs 38m)
Swim – 1750 yards(40m)
Weight Training – (1 hr 30m)

I decided that this week would be a recovery week, since we would be moving. I never would have thought that moving would beat me up more than triathlon training, but it sure did. I really need a couple of days to recover from that weekend of moving..oh man.

Since we had three kids it has become pretty clear that our little 2 bedroom wasn’t going to cut it anymore. We got lucky enough to find a 3 bedroom roughly 4 miles from where we live. Since our lease was up in February we decided to JUMP on it. It my head, moving all our stuff would be easy. Its only 4 miles down the road, hard much work could it be? Lucky for me I had some friends that where more than willing to help with the move. We started Friday night and from 5pm-10 pm we managed to move ALL our big items minus the fridge, living room TV, and our bed. I then got up at 4am on Saturday and was back at it, never realized how much CRAP we have and moving with 3 kids all under the age of 8 is a nightmare. My wife tried her best to clean while attending the needs of the kids, but it was rough to say the least.

As of Saturday at around 3:30pm we managed to get EVERYTHING moved; now we are stuck with the un-pleasant task of unpacking everything. I missed my Monday morning but managed to hit my lunch time weight routine. Hopefully my training will be back on schedule now.

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